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Top 10 Pharmacy Management Solution Companies - 2020

It’s no secret that technology is continually advancing within the pharmacy landscape. Utilizing the power of data and automatization can prompt significant progress in patient care, improve workflows, and overall efficiency. For forward-thinking pharma companies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming the prime driver of efficiency. AI can be incorporated to make data-driven decisions faster and ramp up the R&D process. Similarly, drug developers are now detecting a limitless range of novel and beneficial uses AI can have in an immeasurable number of new pharma contexts. Besides, big data helps pharmacy management in various ways. For instance, by using big data, it is possible to curtail costs by collecting and analyzing appropriate information to identify the pharmacy’s strong and weak points. Moreover, big data can monitor and analyze the behavior of patients regarding their drug consumption.

Further, businesses worldwide have congregated to cost- and resource-saving external computer servers over the last decade. The pharmaceutical industry has historically been one of the last to hold out, favoring to control its extremely sensitive data in firmly controlled on-site databases. Data security and compliance issues have traditionally made pharmaceutical companies doubtful of using external networks to access resources and data. However, with time, more pharma companies are recognizing that cloud computing offers greater performance, cost-savings, and a competitive edge without risking security or compliance. Cloud computing has now secured a grip in the industry, thanks to a transformation that started in pharma R&D labs and dispersed to wider industry adoptions once successes became apparent, and data security and integrity were proven.

Although, at times, the technology available in the given age can seem overwhelming, it may hold the key to improve medication adherence and lead to overall positive patient outcomes. Organizations in the pharmacy landscape can reap the benefits of the latest technology to positively impact patient outcomes.

With several innovative technological capabilities and success stories of each pharmacy management solution providers, organizations are continually proving their mettle in the field of pharmacy management solution. We hope this issue of MD Tech Review helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to foster a technologically-driven solution.

We present to you MD Tech Review’s “Top 10 Pharmacy Management Solution Providers - 2020.”

    Top Pharmacy Management Solution Companies

  • Macro Helix helps covered entities and contract pharmacies maximize 340B program participation through its pioneering software and services that target the operational, financial, and regulatory complexities associated with the program. The company provides industry-leading 340B program management technology that supports hundreds of covered entities and contract pharmacies. Its inventory tracking and replenishment software help health systems improve financial performance, maximize operational efficiency, and maintain regulatory compliance

  • Northwind Pharmaceuticals provides "High Impact Rx" programs to support worksite clinics and self-funded employers to contain medication costs while improving medication adherence and overall employee experience. The company offers a pharmaceutical platform that comprises wholesale distribution, mail order pharmacy, and a full pharmacy benefit for self-funded employers. To realize the benefits of High Impact Rx, Northwind renders a series of robust drug dispensing solutions: Rx@Work, Rx@Home, and RxAdministration. Rx@Work focuses on ready-to-dispense FDA-approved medications, EMR integration, medication management programs, and analytics and consolidated reporting

  • PharmID is a pharmacy technology company whose flagship product, WasteWitness, takes only minutes to verify the type of drug wasted and its concentration. Their solution takes only minutes to verify the type and concentration of a wasted drug to thereby helping to reduce drug diversion. WasteWitness is all about making healthcare safer for patients, workers, and institutions by thoroughly interrogating the wasting event with the help of our proprietary technology. With WasteWitness, PharmID utilizes their patented Raman spectroscopy technology to interrogate the wasting event by molecularly testing the waste substance to prove that the substance is indeed the one that is intended to be wasted and not otherwise

  • AscellaHealth


    AscellaHealth is an innovative Pharmacy Benefit Manager that focuses on providing custom and tailored pharmacy benefit management services to its clients. Through the company’s proprietary financial models, their specialty pharmacy and infusion services provide cost-saving discounts on prescription medications with timely access to products, data¬driven reporting, and patient support programs all of which help to improve patient adherence and health outcomes. This customizable cost model is ideal for supporting both limited and exclusive specialty pharmacy programs and for serving the needs of small, orphan, or ultra-orphan patient populations

  • Cerner


    For 40 years, Cerner has worked at the intersection of health care and information technology to connect people and systems around the world. They use the latest technology to create solutions that let communities and people engage in their own health. Whether they are supporting the clinical, financial or operational areas of a hospital or health system, Cerner’s tools are designed to work for today and think for tomorrow. They support clients by surfacing data that enables them to make informed decisions for better management of operations, while arming their clinicians with the information they need to provide smarter care

  • RemedyOne


    RemedyOne is a new force in the healthcare industry dedicated to leading change for the better, helping clients rethink, refine, and re-value processes, relationships, and how they do business. Patients, employers, doctors, insurers, pharmacies, and drug companies rely on the RemedyOne team to identify and harvest opportunities, save money and improve performance. RemedyOne’s experienced, thoughtful and disruptive experts focus on doing what’s best and right instead of what’s always been done. The result is improved costs and profitability for every stakeholder on the healthcare spectrum

  • RX30


    The Rx30 pharmacy management system has everything to reach pharmacy goals, from central site management for multiple locations to bedside and delivery applications for nursing homes and hospitals. Whether the goal is to increase patient engagement at a community pharmacy, expand into a speciality pharmacy, or add value to the hospital system, Rx30 has the tools required. The solution can streamline business with customizable workflow and inventory management tools centred on prescription processing, automate and expedite prescription processing and optimize medication synchronization. The Integrated point-of-sale offers a seamless solution with in-store, drive-thru, curbside and delivery options. It also enhances patient engagement and outreach with patient apps and outbound communication

  • RxSense


    RxSense is a high growth and mission-driven healthcare technology company that provides sophisticated cloud-based enterprise solutions for flexible, efficient, and transparent pharmacy benefits administration, claims processing and advanced analytics serving pharmacy benefit managers, health plans, health systems, as well as new and non-traditional industry entrants. The company also utilizes its advanced platform and direct contracts with the nation's largest pharmacies (including CVS, Walmart and Walgreens) to deliver consistently low prices direct to consumers on prescription drugs through both its SingleCare and FamilyWize prescription savings services

  • SRX


    SRX automates examination of monthly pharmacy bill to identify cost savings and opportunities for waste management, as well as capture and submit all eligible rebates, which are guaranteed to be paid quarterly. The technology integrates all the complex data with diverse pharmacy spend practice areas to simplify pharmacy management. Their expert advisors work with skilled nursing and LTC facilities to establish formularies that create rules that govern prescriptions with real-time alerts. Powerful reconciliation and reporting tools identify discrepancies that result in credits, rebates, and data that can be used to improve efficiencies. These tools also allow SRX to provide the greatest number of and best rebates in the industry

  • VativoRx


    VativoRx serves middle market companies, Third Party Administrators, Hospice Organizations, small and large employer groups, government, and HMOs with pharmacy benefits management custom-designed to address the unique needs and goals of each organization and its members. More than a benefits processor, VativoRx designs and manages prescription benefit programs that provide cost savings to your organization and members on formulary and non-formulary drugs, that accommodate patients with advanced formulary and distribution options, and that deliver services through technologically superior systems